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ROM | Moto X Style | 6.0.x | DU Dirty Unicorns 10.6 | Clark | 10/09

Dirty Unicorns é um projeto que começou sem nome. Este projeto foi baseado primeiro baseado no AOKP vlogo nos primeiros dias do Jelly Bean. Nos primeiros dias - que era apenas um show em um dispositivo, o EVO 3D. Desde então, muitos outros se juntaram ao projeto e tem crescido exponencialmente.


- Update to Android 6.0.1_r68
- Lots of translations
- Configurable Themes tile components to apply
- Switch to HTTPS for our updater
- Add missing exposures and separate power dialog icons
- A lot of Gallery2 improvements/fixes
- Rewrite DU-About a little
- Fix lockscreen charging current switch
- Statusbar icons transparency
- A lot of Gallery2 improvements/fixes
- A lot of FMRadio improvements/files
- Refactor SlimSeekBarPreference
- Expose new hard coded colors for themes in Messaging
- Add vector image and fix themeing issue in Messaging
- Fling trails width configuration
- Update bcm4356 FW
- Use HTTPS when fetching changelogs
- DocumentsUI fixes
- Account for time changes when showing recent activities
- Increase max screen recording time to 1 hour
- Allow force landscape mode with screenrecord
- Bump DU Certified to 2.4.1
- Misc CMTE fixes that came in with CMSDK refactor
- Update Fling library from Orange Open Source to 1.2.6
- Display bluetooth battery status when available
- Added hardware key disable support with M adaptations
- OmniSwitch: launcher: change essentials launch intents
- OmniSwitch: revert recent apps should not change order in quick switcher
- OmniSwitch: no ripple no fun
- Make overlay permission check configurable
- Fix Slim Recents unknown window type error


1. Baixe a ROM e o GApps;
2. Coloque ambos na memória interna do seu Moto X;
3. Reinicie no modo Recovery;
4. Vá em Wipe > Advanced Wipe e selecione: System, cache, data e dalvik-cache;
5. Confirme o Wipe;
6. Vá em Install e selecione a ROM e confirme, depois selecione o GApps e confirme;
7. Agora vá em Reboot > System


Dirty Unicorns 10.6 | Clark

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