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Kernel | Moto X Play | 7.x | Optimus Kernel R20 | Lux | 07/03

Um ótimo kernel para o seu Moto X Play, segundo o dev ele roda na CM, AOSP e Stock!


- Updated to latest CM-14.1 Sources
- Compiled With UBER 4.9 Toolchain
- Full -03 support with device specific Cortex-A53 tweaks & other optimizations
- KCAL - Advanced color control driver by savoca
- random: squashed entropy tweaks & optimizations
- CPU overclocked to 1.7 GHz (Big) & 1.2 Ghz (Little)
- Added Impulse, and zzmoove
- Undervolted to reduce heat
- Added state notifier driver
- Clusterplug by squid2
- cpu_boost: new enhancements including wakeup and hotplug boost
- Added zen, tripndroid & sioplus I/O schedulers
- Added toggles for disabling wlan wakelocks
- Optimized ARM RWSEM Algorithm
- Optimized Square Root Algorithm
- KGSL & Devfreq patches
- Disabled CRC check: 30% Performance boost
- arm/dts: msm8916: enabled bam_dmux fast shutdown flag
- Optimized MDSS panel routines to save power
- Added System Wide Power Efficient Workqueues
- VFP HardFloat
- Updates to zram,zsmalloc,irq etc
- Sched & Cpufreq Tweaks
- Removed some debug and logging options
- Enabled Advanced TCP Congestions
- CM14.1 Profiles compatibility
- Many more (check github)

1. Baixe o Kernel e coloque na memória interna;
2. Reinicie no modo Recovery;
3. Instale o Kernel;
4. Faça wipe cache e dalvik (opicional);
5. Dê Reboot e aproveite!


Optimus Kernel R20 | Lux


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5 comentários:

  1. Como saber se a kernel é instalada corretamente?

  2. Instalei no 7.1.1 câmera dando erro não abre!

    1. Usa este aplicativo de câmera pra ver se resolve:

  3. roda com slim rom 7.1. no moto x play?